Friends League Tourney Decorations


Hello all Tourney Directors! I hope that you enjoy the pages I have created for you. I know the players do.. they love  "ear and eye candy" when they enter a tourney page!! Keep the requests coming so that you don't "bore" your players with the same page time after time!!

If you have any problems with your graphics not showing up or you cannot figure out how to do the customized layout in your tournament set up please feel free to email me. I can help you!

I like doing pages for the leagues but unfortunately I have to start charging to do them because it takes up a lot of my time since there are so many TD's and so many leagues requesting pages from me. This is time I will now be charging for... however I will not charge as much for them as I do for the businesses and hospitals that I do sites for. My NORMAL rate is 65.00 an hour. I realize that the TD's and Admins do what they do on a voluntary basis so I cannot charge as much as I do for the businesses and personal sites I do. I offer a price for single pages or a package deal. the prices are as follow.
Each page includes:
  • 1 graphic of your choice or 1 that I pick out.
  • 1 background image.
  • 1 song which will be embedded in the image (it cannot stand alone, so that means you cannot change the song that goes with that particular page)
  • Sometimes I also include a "top" image for the tourney page... but this is up to me, every page will not necessarily come with a top image.
  • It also includes suggested font, link and background colors and directions on how to create your tourney pages.
  • Links to advertise your league on my Tourney Page Directory and a Personal Directory Page for your league refer to when creating tourneys.
1 page      -  $4.00
10 pages  -  $30.00
20 pages  -  $45.00
50 pages  -  $65.00 
The 65.00 package is the best deal for a complete league. If everyone pools together. That's just a little over $1.00 a page. Most of them can be "generic" (unpersonalized) so that they can be used by any TD if you choose. Or you can have them personalized for specific TD's or particular tournaments such as Mirrors, TOC, Suicide, Crazy Spades or what ever game you like to host!
These prices do not include fancy flash presentations, sometimes I create an animation in flash for league pages but I cannot do anything real fancy for these prices. You will get what you are used to seeing on the tournament pages on gamespy.
If you decide to take advantage of one of the packages we will discuss the graphics and music you would like on the pages. I accept paypal and personal checks or money orders. Just send me an email when your ready to get started!




Knight/Castle Castle #2    


Dolphin Tail

Indy Unicorn


Red Wine










Shoe Shine On Me    


Sunset Scorpio

Midnight Singles

Dark Scorps



Wall Wizard





FL CamaroRSS

Spades With CamaroRSS



Rocky Mountain


Rockies 2





Castle Green Castle